Camping in tents, cabins, or trailers is actually beneficial to your overall health. Camping challenges us mentally and physically, while also providing us with an escape from our routines.

When you are on your way to your destination, you already begin to relax, just knowing what lies ahead of you. The great outdoors give us a sense of happiness, and reminds us that we are at the mercy of nature.

Before the relaxing and the fun, you will have to set up. Whether it is cleaning the cabin, pitching the tent, or building a fire, you will have to exert a decent amount of energy. You usually get a good workout from setting up and cleaning while camping.

Louisiana offers beautiful nature trails and wildlife for new discoveries. This is great for educating children while they are having fun, like sneaking veggies into dinner.

After staying in a beautiful rustic cottage or cabin, you will have a new appreciation for life. Your body leaves your escape, ready for daily life once again.