Is it safe to go here? Do we need to bring masks? Will there be ventilation in the air to reduce the risk of transmission? Where are the hand sanitizers located?

If you asked someone these questions before planning an outing in say 2019, they would look at you cross-eyed and wonder if you snuck into the liquor cabinet. However, in 2022, these and other questions are what many of us ask before agreeing to going somewhere, especially if we’re planning on going out of town on a trip. Planning excursions during a pandemic is not easy.

Fortunately, there’s always one safe yet fun activity you can enjoy during these complicated times: camping. Camping is among the most relaxing activities one can enjoy. If we’re being honest, the stress of the last couple of years necessitates we make some time for rest and relaxation, and there might not be a better setting to do so than camping. Here are three reasons why you should feel safe while enjoying a camping trip.

Why Camping is Safe During the Pandemic

  • Fresh air is good for you in more ways than one. Research has shown that fresh air and being outside with nature helps clear your lungs, especially when compared to tight spaces with poor ventilation. What’s more, fresh air is great for your mental health, since it increases serotonin, which is the hormone that causes happiness, in your brain. It also helps boost your immune system, increases energy levels, and can even help with hour cardiovascular health.
  • When camping, you’re automatically in a “bubble.’’ Camping at a place like Berry Creek ensures you have plenty of your own space; you don’t need to worry about being stuck in a crowded environment with strangers, like you would in say a hotel lobby or bar. You’re isolated with just the people you went camping with, which surely provides peace of mind knowing it means you need not worry about a stranger passing on the virus.
  • Experts have stated camping is a lower risk activity since the possibility of catching or passing on COVID-19 is drastically reduced when you are outside rather than inside. Outdoor recreation has been a godsend for countless individuals and families. Camping is about a low-risk activity as one can enjoy during the pandemic.

Undoubtedly, these are strange, complicated times we are living in. However, it’s critical that you still find time for activities that you and your loved ones enjoy. If you like camping and spending time outdoors with nature and other amenities, you should strongly consider making a reservation at Berry Creek. Our grounds are spread over 7 acres, and we provide you with the space and features you need to safely have some fun during these difficult times.

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