extended family having a picnic at a family reunionWhen’s the last time you had a family reunion? For many families, it was “before the pandemic,” which means before 2020. Several years go by and it seems like families lose touch with one another because of all sorts of reasons, with the coronavirus pandemic being the overwhelming reason why so many just opted to cancel the idea of getting together in recent years… But now the pandemic isn’t like it was, so more and more people are back to living “normal lives,” and there’s this urge deep down inside to connect and reconnect with people, right?

Why not plan a family reunion this summer and have it at Berry Creek Cabins in Bogalusa, Louisiana?

Reconnect With Family

A family reunion is a time to reconnect with family members you haven’t seen in a long time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll start some new family traditions (or revisit old ones). At family reunions, you’ll learn more about various family members– what have they been up to? What are their future plans? You’ll find out when you spend time with them.

Generational Bridges

Family reunions are a good chance for older people to connect with younger people. Grandparents can watch their grandkids play. They can share wisdom with them, too. Aunts can catch up on gossip. Uncles can go fishing together, and cousins can hike the woods or play frisbee or whatever.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Rather than force one family to host the reunion at their house (which puts too much pressure on them), why not rent cabins at Berry Creek? It’s a chance to see someplace new, and make new memories– together– away from normal life.

Family reunions can be good for your mental and physical health. They’re usually a time for rest and relaxation, good food, good talks and a chance to take a break from everyday life for a little while.

Louisiana’s Berry Creek Cabins sleep anywhere from six to ten people per cabin and you can rent more than one cabin at a time; For details, call 985-730-4395.