Houseboat available for rent in LouisianaAre you interested in a unique experience? Consider renting a houseboat! Like a land-based vacation home, houseboats come fully furnished. In Bogalusa, Louisiana, there’s a vintage houseboat named “A SHORE BET” that you can rent. It has a queen bed in it, along with more sleeping options, as well as a kitchen, bathroom, futon sofa and more. It’s also got a nice deck area where you can relax overlooking the water. It accommodates 4-5 people comfortably.

Rest and Relaxation Surrounded by Water

When you book a houseboat for a vacation stay, you can then fulfill your dream of sleeping on a boat, on the water. That, in itself, is a unique experience you can talk about for the rest of your life. “Remember that time we stayed on that houseboat,” will be said long after you’ve left the place.

With a houseboat, you’re surrounded by water such that you can fish off the boat, play around the boat in innertubes and other floating toys, and/or swim/splash around for fun. It’s a nice, party atmosphere where you’re out in nature, close to shore but also near the water, too.

A Private, Yet Scenic Getaway

A houseboat makes for a memorable place to stay– it’s an affordable way to get “right on the water.” It’s also somewhat private, since you can be inside away from people when you want to be– or you can sit outside and chat with whomever walks by on the docks.

Thinking of visiting Bogalusa, Louisiana, north of New Orleans and close to the border with Mississippi? Want to rent “A SHORE BET?” This unique 36-foot houseboat is conveniently docked on the pond at the Berry Creek Cabins complex. Discounts are available if you book for 3 or more nights! Visit this page for info.

If you prefer to stay “on land,” Berry Creek also offers various cabins. Call 985-730-4395 for information.