Trading Post Cabin


The first in our western theme the "Trading Post" cabin is reminiscent of the rugged days of barter & trade and of general stores as the west was slowly won. As you cross over the 40' bridge from the party deck to our latest cabin you will be transformed to another place in time within its period decor. Trading Post sports open and covered decks, a full bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining area. The single bedroom downstairs along with the two open lofts allow for sleeping up to 10 guests between its 6 single use beds. Relax in an atmosphere that blends old time charm with modern conveniences.

A Shore Bet


A Shore Bet 1 Bedroom | Sleeps 5 Welcome aboard our vintage houseboat at the Berry Creek Marina. Aptly named "A SHORE BET" this cozy 36'x12' Thunderbird houseboat is moored in our clear stocked pond alongside our 48' dock and will take you on an adventure of waterborne living without the hassle. Your [...]

Tailgate Camper


Tailgate Camper 2 Bedroom | Sleeps 5 Our 29' tailgate Camper is just that, enjoy you favorite sporting event in style! Sitting under its own tall 31' double wide carport is also an 8'x12' entertainment deck sporting a 32"outside TV, ceiling fans, lights and partial outdoor kitchen and cooking area. With central air [...]

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