Camping is becoming more and more popular each year. When you don’t have the money for the expensive 5-star vacation at the beach, or to go to Disney for the 4th year in a row, camping is the perfect solution. There are many ways to camp, you can rent a cabin, pitch a few tents or rent an RV for a great getaway.

The misconception about camping is that it is such a hassle to get ready. It honestly isn’t, if you plan for it just like a normal vacation. Make your list of items to pack a week in advance, go grocery shopping for the trip, pick up a few games to play during the day, and start brainstorming for stories to tell around the campfire.

Camping is also great for your health. There are great physical benefits from taking a hike, or bringing you mountain bike to bike along the trails. Looking forward to having a fun day in the sun, while soaking up the rays on the lake? This will help absorb good amounts of Vitamin D into your body.

Camping is also healthy for your family life. Having hectic work, school and extra-curricular activities that take up all the time in the day leaves little to no time available to bond with your family. Appreciating the simpler things in life can reduce your stress and bring everyone closer together.

At the very least, camping is meant to do one thing for families that any vacation can do. Create Memories that will last a lifetime.


Carry On Camping: The future of camping in the US looks bright.