Cheers to our morning ritual! There is nothing better in this world than that first (or second, third…) cup of coffee in the morning. Over 50% of American adults drink coffee each and every day. With statistics this high, there is a need and a want to bring variety to the cup of Joe.

The average cup of coffee is no longer just “double-double” when you order it through the drive through at your favorite shop. There are all sorts of great add ins from espresso shots, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, peppermint, the list goes on and on. Coffee is not a one size fits all drink, any household with two adults that drink this beverage everyday will agree.

The best coffee is usually brewed outside of the US borders. For example, mention “Jamaica” to an average person and they think warm weather and great beach resorts. Now the avid coffee drinker thinks about a hot cup of authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Some other great brands include Black Coffee, King of Coffee and Organo Brewed. Each come with their own unique way to start your day, whether you are looking for something that will slowly get your mind thinking for your 9am meeting, or “my alarm didn’t go off and I need to wake up now!”

Interested in reading more about some of the data behind your favorite brew, take a look at the great info graphic below.


Coffee Consumption in the USA

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