Now is the perfect time of the year to start planning your summer vacation getaway.  You are thinking about coming to Louisiana, but you are just not sure of what will be a great idea for entertaining the kids or adults for the trip. We have some great family friendly and adult ideas for your trip to Bogalusa, Louisiana.

If you are a family that enjoys being out and active in nature there are some great trails along Kincaid Lake. The trails here are incredibly scenic and you can choose to either hike or bike along the trails. If you have young ones in your party there are some easier portions that you can stick to.

Some of the best and most memorable parts of a vacation are the meals that you enjoy.  Make it a point to eat local while you are here. There are a good amount of farmers markets where you can pick up some fresh produce. No matter where you are staying in the city there is a farmers market just a few blocks away.

The big-ticket item for northerners when coming down to the swamps of Bogalusa, is seeing some wildlife, and not just behind the thick glass at the zoo. We recommend the Honey Island Swamp Tour, they even offer night tours – look for the glowing eyes of the Alligators and everything else that goes bump in the night. Here is a short clip of what you could experience:

When visiting Bogalusa, just know that there is incredible entertainment, culture and food to enjoy. Overall be sure in knowing that there is plenty to do when you come down and visit us!