A new trend is sweeping across the camping world, and it’s probably something you would never expect. Glamping, which combines “glamour” with “camping”, is a popular, new way to enjoy the outdoors in style, and it’s attracting a whole new group to cabins all over the world. So what exactly does it entail?

Many men have experienced the difficulty in trying to convince their significant others to come along for a camping excursion. Glamping takes the discomfort and inconvenience out of the trip, making it a more compelling experience for the more sensitive and fragile members of a group. Glamping sites are situated in the same rugged environments that make camping exciting, but come equipped with comfortable furniture, modern amenities, and tasteful decoration.

At Berry Creek Cabins, we have beautiful cabins and guest services that can serve as an ideal environment for any glamping vacation. There are full kitchens, comfortable bedding, and even public and private hot tubs. Of course, part of glamping is making the cabin your temporary home away from home. Don’t be afraid to bring along comforting items, activities, and decorations to enhance the glamping experience.

The best part about glamping is that you can always exit the comfort of your cabin to participate in traditional camping activities. Go fishing, take a hike, or sit around a “glampfire”, all the while knowing that you’ll have a stylish and relaxing dwelling to retreat to at the end of the day. Forget your old reservations about camping and plan a glamping trip today.