Why Winter Camping Rocks

Have you ever gone camping in the winter? If not, you are seriously missing out on a great time.  After a bit of extra planning and packing for the colder nights you should be ready to set off to the campground or cabin to have a great weekend.

When packing for your trip you want to be prepared for any situation, even more than in the summer months.  Be sure to pack appropriate sleeping gear. Many sleeping bags have heat ratings on them.  Be sure to buy ones that will work with the temperature lows that you will be experiencing, not just ones that have the kids favorite cartoon character on them.

Hiking, ice fishing, snowshoeing, sledding and the beautiful winter air has many untold stories.  When camping in the winter there is a good deal of wildlife that may come around at this time of the year because people outdoors become more few and far between.  Take the kids and look for animal tracks in the snow, who knows you might find a friendly moose that you can admire from a distance.

Another great thing about camping in the winter is that there are a lot less bugs to worry about, batting away mosquitos on a hot, muggy summer night can lead to a bad night’s sleep.  In the winter you don’t have to worry about anything like this.

When camping in the winter it can lead to a great time with family and friends.  Just be sure to check with the campground for any restrictions that they have set in place that may differ from the summer months, chances are that there may be some minor differences in policies as the seasons change.