There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not our beloved Lake Pontchartrain is safe or extremely dangerous. The answer is, both!

Lake Pontchartrain sits just about halfway between Berry Creek and New Orleans, providing the largest section of wetlands in the United States. As an estuary, the lake provides plenty of restoration efforts after Katrina.

The officials at the lake have improved the quality to allow for safe swimming in certain area. Two sites on the lake are often accessible. While the lake is entertaining and educational, Pontchartrain beach will often close temporarily for safety reasons. The safest rule to follow is to skip the swimming if it has rained in the past 48 hours, as rain brings new bacteria and waves intensify with wind. Additionally, the best idea is to check their website before heading out.

Lake Pontchartrain is a safe place to visit, when you check the above website for warnings first. It is imperative to not head into the estuary alone or during bad weather.

A song by the band “Ludo” can attest to the dangers of the lake during storms. The entire song is a metaphor for a man who uses the lake as a plausible alibi for the murder of his two friends, saying that the lake swallowed them during a storm.