A snowbird is a person who escapes the northern winters by spending the cold season in a warmer locale; a snowbird is a smart person. Typically retirees or business owners, these “snowbirds” migrate south to get away from the cold and craziness of the winter months. Some snowbirds own second homes, but the most common type of snowbird is one that keeps his or her roots north, while renting a vacation home or cabin for the winter season.

The move is about more than the cold, it’s also about the amount of stress that comes with snow and ice. Think about it, when your car is coated in a 3 inches of ice each night, you have to be ready to leave your house about half an hour earlier than usual. Driving in snow isn’t for everyone, and for some, it’s downright terrifying. Not to mention, the cold and flu season that goes along with winter. Overall, it’s just more relaxing for everyone.

However, if you are a snowbird, or if this is your first migrate, you must remember one important fact. You can only relax and be stress-free if you feel safe about your assets back at home. It’s important to follow these ten tips for ensuring your home is safe for the season. Neighbors on the street will know you, and observe that you’re not home for long periods; it’s always good to have someone you trust do routine checks as well.

10 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home for Winter

1.       Make your home look occupied. Ask someone to turn lights and TVs on for a few hours, and then off. Opt for varying electricity timers so they go on and off at different times.

2.       Do not allow newspapers, magazines, mail, or fliers to build up over time. Ask a friend or trusted neighbor to clear it out twice per week.

3.       Arrange for snow removal services.

4.       Check and double-check all locks.

5.       Take an inventory of your assets.

6.       Don’t announce your absence on social media. It’s best to wait until you’re home to post photos.

7.       Consider hiring a house watching service

8.       Check All Alarm Batteries

9.       Occasionally, have a car in the driveway. Whether you have to ask a friend or arrange for a service, you won’t be sorry. A car in the garage for 4 months is a surefire sign that nobody is in the home.

10.   Think like a Burglar: “I might place a flier in your door, just to see how long it stays there. “

I will not hesitate to break a window if I think nobody is around to hear it”.

Cameras deter me”.